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” Robotic surgery allows the surgeon to perform the procedure more accurately, with smaller incisions, less blood loss and pain as well as faster recovery. “

Areas and disciplines
of specialization

Robotic and laparoscopic

Nowadays we are living a technological revolution within the field of surgery with the advent of robotics.

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Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most frequent tumor in adult males in Europe and the first in Spain.

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Kidney and upper
urinary tract cancer

Kidney cancer is a disease in which cancerous cells are formed in the upper urinary tract and/ or in the kidney.

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Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the 5th most frequent tumor in adult men in developed countries.

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Live donor kidney

Transplant is the replacement of a damaged organ with a healthy one (as in the case of the kidney) and it can be carried out from a living donor.

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